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Miami Pro-Business Groups Join Coalition to Pass Competitive Workforce Act
June 2, 2015
Great News In Leesburg!
May 27, 2015
Don’t Let Lawmakers Adjourn Without Hearing The Competitive Workforce Act!
April 15, 2015
Orlando Sentinel: Florida’s leaders should stop paddling against the current of history
April 15, 2015
UM Student Government Senate endorses Florida Competitive Workforce Act
April 10, 2015
Coalition calls on lawmakers to pass Competitive Workforce Act
April 9, 2015
Catholic Student Group Speaks Out for Non-discrimination Law
April 9, 2015
Put us on the agenda!
March 27, 2015
South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Endorses FCWA
March 26, 2015
Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce Joins Coalition
March 24, 2015
Incredible Bipartisan Support for the FCWA
March 17, 2015
Think Tank: 328,000 LGBT Floridians at Risk for Discrimination
March 13, 2015
Nancy G. Brinker: LGBT people deserve fairness on the job
March 12, 2015
Amazing: 200+ Businesses Support the CWA
February 26, 2015
Florida Realtors Announces Support of the Competitive Workforce Act
February 25, 2015
Florida’s 2015 Legislative Session Begins in One Week
February 24, 2015
A Different Kind of Baptist Preacher: Rev. Tim Sizemore
February 23, 2015
Why do I care? – Guest Post from Javier Hernandez
February 19, 2015
FEBRUARY 22ND: Join our Statewide Day of Action
February 13, 2015
Local leaders in Lakeland support non-discrimination protections for LGBT Floridians
February 4, 2015
Business Leaders for the FCWA: Bob O’Malley, CSX
February 2, 2015