Blog Posts
OP-ED: State’s business community supports anti-discrimination measure in the Legislature
January 13, 2016
“Thank You!” to Florida Realtors® for Supporting Fair Housing, Non-Discrimination Law
January 12, 2016
Chris Latvala: State needs to follow Tampa Bay area’s lead in passing anti-discrimination measure
January 6, 2016
Senator Jack Latvala First Republican to Co-Introduce Florida’s Competitive Workforce Act in the Senate
January 5, 2016
New Coalition Partner: AT&T Florida
September 24, 2015
A Win For Anti-Discrimination in Osceola
August 18, 2015
Orlando Sentinel Backs Non-Discrimination Protections in Editorial
August 10, 2015
Federal LGBT Equality Bill Highlights Need for Updated Laws
July 23, 2015
Former FL Governor Jeb Bush Supports Statewide LGBT Non-discrimination Law
July 20, 2015
Delray Beach passes LGBT non-discrimination ordinance
July 9, 2015
There’s a lot more to do.
June 29, 2015
New National Poll Shows Huge Support for Discrimination Protections
June 16, 2015
Miami Pro-Business Groups Join Coalition to Pass Competitive Workforce Act
June 2, 2015
Great News In Leesburg!
May 27, 2015
Don’t Let Lawmakers Adjourn Without Hearing The Competitive Workforce Act!
April 15, 2015
Orlando Sentinel: Florida’s leaders should stop paddling against the current of history
April 15, 2015
UM Student Government Senate endorses Florida Competitive Workforce Act
April 10, 2015
Coalition calls on lawmakers to pass Competitive Workforce Act
April 9, 2015
Catholic Student Group Speaks Out for Non-discrimination Law
April 9, 2015
Put us on the agenda!
March 27, 2015
South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Endorses FCWA
March 26, 2015